You can download SAT PHYSICS PRACTICE TEST PDF from here. I have extracted these tests from various resources so that you don’t need to waste your time to look for the practice material. I recommend you to solve the Practice Test first by yourself, and then go for the answer key. You can download these PDF files, the files are clean as you can see the URL is https.

The only key to master SAT II Physics is to do more practice. So you can experience all types of problems you can encounter in the real exam. The difficulty level of some of these tests is higher, so you can wield the real test. I believe after solving all these tests you can lend some insight into physics questions asking technique.

To Download these tests you can right-click on the link below and click “Save As”.


How to practice “SAT PHYSICS SUBJECT TEST” at home

I suggest students to finish at least 2 tests per week.

  • First, you can try to finish it within 1 hour, if you are not able to finish the whole test in one hour, then you can mark the questions you have done in 1 hour.
  • After doing that you can finish the rest of the test.
  • Once you have finished the test, then you can check the answers from the answer key.
  • If you are not satisfied with any of the answer in the answer key, then you can look for its explanation. Some explanations are hard to understand at your level.
  • If you find any explanation hard to understand then you can contact your teacher or your class fellow/friend who is good in physics.
  • Remember one point that, there might be some mistakes in practice books and practice tests. If you are certain about some answer that you have done it correctly, and the answer in the answer key didn’t make any sense then follow your instincts. For the safe side if you are sceptical about any of the answer in the answer key, then double-check that answer with your friend or teacher.


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