SAT vs SAT Subject Tests

Do you have any confusion related to the SAT or the SAT General Test? If you don’t know the differences between the SAT Subject Test and the SAT Test. What are the pros and cons of the two different types of tests? Similarly you want to know why and when you have to choose between the SAT Test and the SAT General? In short, if all these are your queries, then don’t worry, give a read to this article and let the magic begins.

SAT V/S SAT Subject Tests

Although a lot of students think that the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests are the same, but it’s not true. Universities and colleges use SAT scores to evaluates your performance; it improves your skills and expertise and provides you with a great way to showcase your thoughts and interests, but there are a lot of differences between the two.

The major difference between the SAT and the SAT General is that SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) mainly focused on the general knowledge and critical analysis, while SAT Subject Test designed in such a way that they assess knowledge in specific areas, such as Math, History, French and Foreign Languages.

What is the SAT?

High School students take the Sat test; because it concentrates on the knowledge and the skills which students had learned during their high school; this test measures your critical and analytical thinking, and provides you with an opportunity to apply your knowledge in different areas. SAT test assesses you with or without a calculator.

 The SAT test generally analyzes you on the following factors:-

  1. Reading.
  2. Writing and Language.
  3. Mathematics.
  4. Optional essay writing.

What are the SAT Subject Test?

SAT subject test analyzes your knowledge and skills in a particular subject. It assesses your knowledge in a specific area, such as science, math, literature, French, etc.

Why should you Take Each Test?

  • SAT/ACT is the standardized test, as many colleges across the country consider it as the requirement of admission. If any college requires you to take a standardized test, if you want to increases your chances for the college application, then the SAT is the best option for you.
  • However, not all colleges require SAT Subject. Some colleges will ask you to submit your SAT/ACT score along with the SAT Subject Test score. So, it’s not mandatory to take the SAT Subject Test.

Difference between the SAT and the SAT Subject Test

FactorsSATSAT Subject Test
Why take it?SAT tests are designed in such a way, to take admission in your favorite college and award scholarships.SAT Subject Test are used for the admission and the college placement. It’s not recommended by every college to take the SAT Subject Test.
Duration3 hours (without Essay) 3 hours, 50 minutes (with Essay).  1-hour
In which Months they offered?SAT is offered 7 times per year.SAT Subject Test are offered 6 times per year, not all subjects are available on each date.
Scoring CriteriaThe scoring range lies from 400-1600.The scoring range lies from 200-800.
Penalty for Incorrect AnswersNo points are deducted for the incorrect answers.¼ marks are deducted for the incorrect answer.

Test Preparation: SAT V/S SAT Subject Test

Make a schedule

First and the foremost thing to prepare for the SAT is to make a schedule and work on it. Remember! You can’t take the SAT or the SAT Subject test at the same time. You can choose only three subjects in one sitting.

If you are confused about which subject is to choose, then the best option is to analyze your interests in the specific field.

Take the SAT Subject Tests after completing High School

It’s always a good choice to take the SAT Subject Test after completing the specified course. For example, if you completed Math 1 and Math 2 in your high school, then take the SAT because the concepts are still fresh in your mind and you don’t have to prepare it from the start.

Prepare yourself in the right Direction

SAT Subject Test is different from the SAT. It’s also based on the Multiple Choice question answers, but SAT General test will give clear directions to attempt the questions. Don’t take it easy and prepare yourself in the best possible way and the right direction.

Work hard helps you to prepare for the SAT

Work hard throughout high school will help you a lot to prepare for the SAT in the best possible way.

 Strategies to study for the SAT/ SAT Subject Test

  • The most important strategy for taking the SAT is to build up your concepts. The College Board recommends that it’s also necessary to understand the psychology behind the SAT test.
  • Building up your concepts is as much as important, like sharpening your skills in Math or English Literature.
  • Questions are designed according to the difficulty level. Solve the easier questions first, so it will help you gaining confidence and scoring good marks.
  • The SAT Subject Tests based directly on the questions related to the topic rather than the reasoning and in the depth detailing.
  • Test take strategies will help you to score good marks in the SAT.

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