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Are you searching for SAT Subject Tests? Are you looking for guidance on how to prepare for the SAT in the best possible way? Do you want to know the tips and tricks on how to achieve the highest score in SATs? Do you want to know how SAT score impacts on your future life? If yes, then BINGO, You are at the right place.

SAT Subject tests are the standardized tests that are different from SAT assessment tests. SAT Subject tests mainly consist of 20 different subject tests, out of which each student can attempt 3 SAT Subject tests on a single day. SAT Subject tests fall into 5 main categories including English, Maths, History, Languages and Science.

SAT helps the students to brighten up their future and to showcase their strength and interests. Students can take tests on any subject according to their choice but they can only take up to 3 SAT Subject tests on a single day. SAT is a basic understanding of concepts and materials which you’ve been studied in your school.

The highest score in SAT Subject tests will improve your college application and it enhances your chances of getting admission in your favourite collegeIt also improves your vocabulary and it polishes your skills and expertise. It’s better to give tests only on relevant courses and try to work hard with them.

Difference between SAT and ACT

  • The major difference between SAT and ACT is that ACT consists of dedicated science portion while the SAT only test scientific skills but not consists of dedicated science portion.

Eligibility Criteria for SAT

  • There are no specified eligibility criteria for SAT, anyone can appear for SAT usually SAT subject tests are given by high school students roughly between 17-18 years.
  • Although the best time for a given SAT exam is when students are in 10th or 11th grade.

Is SAT or ACT harder? Do Colleges Prefer SAT over ACT?

  • Some people say that elite colleges mostly preferred SAT over ACT but it’s just a myth, All colleges preferred both SAT and ACT.
  • SAT is a little bit harder than ACT on per question basis. Usually, ACT taken by those students who have strong reading and writing skills.
  • Language-based skills represent 75% of your score on ACT while SAT represents 50% score.

SAT subject test duration

  • SAT subject test duration is approximately 1 hour and it consists of multiple-choice question answers.

How to Achieve the Highest Score on SAT Subject Tests

  • Firstly, note down all the reasons why you want to achieve the highest score and use as a fuel in every session when you are studying.
  • Make a study plan and stick to your schedule.
  • Use high-quality material and avoid low-quality content.
  • Practice, practice and only practice will help you to achieve the highest score.
  • Always choose quality over quantity while preparing for SAT Subject Tests.
  • Be cold-blooded about understanding your mistakes.
  • Learn from your mistakes and make no excuses while preparing.
  • Concentrate on your weakness and drill them to perfection.
  • Improve your vocabulary as it plays a vital role in increasing score.
  • Boost up your reading and listening skills before test.
  • Try to choose the best answer first and make a habit not to change answers.

How to Prepare for SAT Subject Tests

  1. Read lots of nonfiction outside of class.
  2. Try to do mental math.
  3. Self-preparation.
  4. Always prepare with the best quality SAT material available.
  5. Attempt some mixed practice tests.
  6. Beef up your vocabulary.
  7. Find the study partner.

The Complete list of SAT Subjects


Math subject test consists of two main categories Level 1 and Level 2. Both levels consist of 50 multiple choice question answers covered by the different syllabus.

MATH Level 1

Math level 1 includes preparation of Algebra and Geometry.

MATH Level 2

Math level 2 comprises of an advance version of Math level 1 that is it mainly includes precalculus, logarithmic and trigonometric equations. If you are comfortable with precalculus and trigonometry then choose math level 2, calculators are also allowed.


Science subject test consists of between 75 -85 multiple choice question answers. It mainly focuses on:

  • Biology (Molecular) – It focuses on biological Chemistry.
  • Biology (Ecological) – It focuses on the biological population.
  • Physics – It focuses on basic physics concepts such as electricity, thermodynamics etc. it requires basic knowledge of trigonometry as well.
  • Chemistry – It focuses on atomic and molecular structure and lab test data. It also requires some skills in algebra and in interpreting graphs.

English Literature

English SAT Subject test mainly focuses on prose, poetry, drama or any genre. It includes a study on authors in between 17-20th century both American and British. The test must consist of 60 multiple choice questions and it is further subdivided into six or eight section parts. Each section focuses on grammar, history and relevant meanings.


In the History subject plan, you can choose in between U.S history or World history.

  • U.S History Subject Test – It mainly focuses on pre-Columbian American history up till the present date.
  • World History Subject Test –It mainly focuses on from pre-history to 1900 C.E.

Both histories require a basic understanding of graphs, geography and data analysis.

Recommended Books

  1. Kaplan.
  2. Barron’s.
  3. Mc GrawHill
  4. Princeton Review

SAT Subject test dates 2020

Initially, the date for the SAT subject test was 2nd May 2020, now it has been changed and the new suggested date is 6 June 2020.

You can find more information about SAT Subjects tests on the college board website.

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