SAT Subject Tests—Biology EM

Do you have any queries related to Biology Ecological or Biology Molecular? Do the study of plants and animals engages you? Are you thinking to take the Biology as the SAT subject test in the upcoming future? Do you want to know the pros and cons of Biology Ecological or Biology Molecular? Are you thinking to polish your skills and expertise in science or do you want to make yourself distinguish from others? If all these are your queries, then stop! You are at the right platform.

What is the SAT Subject Test—Biology EM

Biology Ecological or Biology Molecular identifies you based on the concepts of plants and animals and different process which you had learned during your high school and on the practical experiments which you had performed in the lab. Biology as the SAT subject test will analyze you based on three different skills:-

  1. Fundamental concepts and knowledge.
  2. Application.
  3. Interpretation.

Biology as the SAT subject test further increases your chance to get admission in your favorite college and mark yourself as an outstanding and upgraded student. If you further want to excel in biology in the later future, this test is a great chance to showcase your skills and interests.

Difference between Biology Ecological and Biology Molecular

According to the College Board and your interests and knowledge, you can choose between the two as the SAT Subject test.

 The major difference between the two is that:-

Biology Ecological—it mainly targets on the study of biological communities, the relationship between organisms, population, and the energy flow.

Biology Molecular—it mainly targets on the study of different processes such as photosynthesis and respiratory system, biochemistry, genetics, mitosis, and cellular structure.

Format and Scoring Criteria for Biology E/M as the SAT Subject Test

  • The biology subject test is of 60 minutes.
  • The biology test consists of 80 multiple choice question answers.
  • The first 60 questions are the same for either you choose Biology-E or Biology-M. The remaining 20 questions are different.
  • The questions mainly focused on the units of measurement that is Meters, Gram, Celsius, Fahrenheit, etc.
  • You must mention either to choose Biology E or Biology M on the test day to stay away from confusion.
  • You can’t answer the both sections at the same day.

What is covered in Biology E/M Test?

Topics% of Biology E% of Biology M
Cellular and Micro Biology— It covers cell structure and organization.15%27%
Ecology— it covers population, communities, energy flow, and nutrient cycles.  23%13%
Genetics— it covers molecular genetics and popular genetics.   Organismal Biology— it covers structure, function, development of organisms.15%     25%20%     25%
  Evolution and Diversity— it covers the origin of life, natural selection and specification.  22%  15%

In which months Biology E/M is offered?

Biology E/M test is offered in the following months:-

  • May.
  • June.
  • August.
  • October.
  • November.
  • December.

What skills you are required to pass the Biology E/M Test?

You are required to know the basic math skills and the concepts related to different processes, respiration, communities and life cycle of plants and animals. The use of a calculator is prohibited.

What is good biology SAT score?

The score range lies from 200-800. Many colleges consider the good score range for biology as the SAT subject test is above 750; it also increases your chances to take admission in your favourite college.

Is Biology E or M Easier?

Biology E is easier than M, but the questions are quite tricky and it requires analytical thinking and demanding reading interpretation. On the other hand, Biology M is difficult, but the questions are quite straight forward and fairly dry.

Can I take the SAT biology test more than twice?

It mainly depends on the college requirements, if any of the college allows you to take biology test more than twice, you should go otherwise move on and choose another subject.

Should you take the SAT Biology E or M test at the same time?

  • Until the day of the test, you don’t have to decide whether to choose between biology E/M. You can choose the test according to the knowledge and interests on the test day.
  • You can’t give the test for both Biology E/M at the same time. Although you can take another subject test on another test day.

Should I take the SAT 2 biology, chemistry or math?

The answer to this question based on your interests and knowledge and your mastery in which subject. If you want to excel more about plants and animals then you can choose biology as the SAT subject test, if the chemical reactions; equations and the lab experiments amazes you then you may choose chemistry, if you want to excel in mathematics and algebra or geometry amazes you, then you should go for mathematics.

It also depends on some situations:-

  1. Satisfying an admissions requirement.
  2. Helping you to stand out in the admissions process by demonstrating to admissions officers that you are a good student with a solid mastery of the material.

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