SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 1

Do you have any queries related to SAT Math level 1? Are you looking for some precise information related to SAT Math level 1? Do you want to know the difference between SAT Math level 1 and 2? Are you looking for some suggestions on which level is best for you and how to prepare for it? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry you are at the right place.

What is SAT Math Level 1?

· SAT Math level 1 is the test of knowledge that you have gained during 3 years of your college preparatory mathematics and it includes 2 years of geometry 1 year of algebra. 

· SAT Math level 1 helps you to build up your expertise in mathematics if you want to excel more about math-based programs in later future including science, technology, engineering, economics, etc. 

· SAT Math level 1 can also support your high school grades and can make you distinguish from others during the college admission process.

· SAT Math level 1 is also known as Math 1 or Math1C, here the “C” shows the use of a calculator and it is taken by the College Board.

Duration of SAT Math Level 1

SAT Math level 1 consists of 1-hour multiple choice question answers including a basic understanding of algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, statistics and calculus.

SAT Math Level 1 Format and Scoring

  • SAT math levels 1 and 2 consists of 50 multiple choice question answers, 5 options are given and you have to choose the best one.
  • The scoring range lies from 200-800.
  • Students get 1 point for every correct option and lose ¼ points for incorrect option, no points are deducted for left blank questions.

Is SAT Math Level 1 hard?

No, not at all. It mainly focuses on algebra, geometry and basic trigonometry; if you study and practice and have a basic understanding of the mentioned subjects you can easily pass the test.

What is the difference between SAT Math Level 1 and 2?

  1. The major difference between the two is that SAT Math level 1 requires a basic understanding of algebra and geometry while Math level 2 includes trigonometry and elementary functions also known as pre-calculus. Both levels cover approximately the same syllabus but in SAT Math level 2, it involves more advanced study of geometry, trigonometry and pre-calculus. 
  2. SAT Math level 1 and 2 both consist of 50 multiple choice question answers and the test duration for both level is 1 hour.

Can you take SAT Math 1 and 2 on the same day?

Yes, you can take both SAT Math 1 and 2 on the same day, in fact you can take three different subject tests on one day.

Can I take both math Level 1 and 2 as SAT subjects?

It depends on yourself, colleges won’t consider the two levels different from each other; as it approximately covers the same syllabus and there is so much overlap between the two.

When should I take the SAT math Level 2 subject test?

  • In general, whether to decide which Math level is to choose, consider the following two factors
  1. What Math course you have completed.
  2. What the colleges you are applying to recommend or requires.
  • College Board recommends if you take more than 3 years in college-prep math than you are ready to take Math Level 2 as a subject test.

 What level of mathematics to prepare for the SAT?

If you have strong command over mathematics; if you want to excel more about mathematics in the future and if you want to decide which level of mathematics is best to prepare for the SAT then go ahead? 

There is two levels of mathematics involved to prepare for the SAT:

  1. Math Level 1:- It involves three years in mathematics including 2 years of geometry and 1 year of algebra.
  2. Math Level 2:- It involves more than three years in mathematics like, if you take geometry in 8th grade; algebra in 9th grade; again geometry in 10th grade and take trigonometry and pre-calculus in 11th grade then you are prepared for math level 2.

 Is it possible to take the SAT Subject Test in math 1?

Yes, it is possible to take the SAT Subject Test in Math 1 if you have taken two years of algebra and one year of geometry.

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