SAT Subject Test – Literature

The literature Subject test is one of the most attractive and trendy tests as it requires no specialized knowledge of various subjects. If science, math, engineering is not your cup of tea, then literature as the SAT Subject test is the best option. If you want to excel more about linguistics, history, divesting culture and its civilization, then a literature subject test is a good choice.

You don’t have to be fluent in English for appearing in this exam. In this article, I’ll tell you the tips and the tricks on how to prepare yourself, how to achieve a perfect 800 score, how to mark yourself outstanding than other students and what are the topics covered in this test. If all these are your queries, then have a cup of tea and give a read to this article.

What does SAT Stand for?

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT Reasoning Test also known as SAT 1, SAT Achievement Test is known as SAT 2 test.

What is the SAT Literature subject test?

The SAT literature subject test provides you a great opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise and it also helps you in your college application. The College Board recommends three to four years of literary study at the college prep level. If you are done with the English literature subject in your high school, then you are all prepared for appearing in the test.

Why should you take SAT literature Subject tests?

On a very serious note, to choose Literature as the SAT Subject test only depends on yourself and your literary expertise. If math, science, engineering seems boring to you, but you want to take admission in your favorite college, then literature subject test is a great way to boost your college application.

According to my opinion, analyze yourself in one of the following three questions:-

  1. First ask yourself, do you love to study the literature and history or it seems boring to you?
  2. How will you perform in this test?
  3. When you are going to applying for college? The most necessary question you should ask yourself.

Format and Scoring Criteria for the SAT Literature Subject Test

  • The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions answers.
  • The exam divides into two potions, half of the multiple-choice questions are based on the prose section and the others are based on the poetry section.
  • You have to answer about six to eight passages, generally the author’s name or title is not given, and you may find the original date of publication.
  • Every fifth line of the passage will help you answer the questions easily.
  • Per passage consists of 4 to 12 questions.
  • The first and the last question will be about the whole passage, the middle section usually involves questions related to a specific part of the passage.
  • Some of the questions will ask you to analyze the elements of literary questions.
  • The scoring range lies from 200-800.

Skills and Concepts required for the SAT literature test

  • You should know the basic literary terminology and the basic literary concepts.
  • You must have a great idea about the theme, stanza, hyperbole, alliteration, etc.
  • You need to have strong reading and writing skills, it will help you analyze the comprehension and passages easily.
  • The SAT Literature Test falls into 8 main sub-categories.
  • The test usually based on the prose and the poetry section, i.e. Character Analysis and Figurative Language.
  • Some of the questions based on reading comprehension, the meaning of words and phrases in context and sweeping elements of the passage.

Topics covered in the Literature Subject Test

Usually, the topics covered in the SAT Literature Subject test falls into three main categories:-

  1. Source of Questions – It includes American literature, English Literature and other Literature in English.
  2. Chronology— it includes the Renaissance of 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries.
  3. Genre— it includes Prose and Poetry section, Drama and Other.

How to get a perfect 800 score in the SAT Literature Test

  • Beef up your vocabulary.
  • Learn the Grammar rules that the SAT inspects.
  • Practice all the available questions available on different websites, try to solve many questions as possible.
  • Also, solve practice problems available on The College Board Website.
  • Determine your weaknesses, manage your time and give yourself deadlines.
  • Boost up your reading ability, it will help you a lot for comprehension and passages.
  • Familiar with the Rhetoric type Questions.
  • Learn from your mistakes and make no more excuses.
  • Justify your answer and point out every single grammatical error.

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