SAT Subject Test Chemistry

Are you planning to take chemistry as the SAT subject test in the future? Do you love the theory between the chemical bonds and reactions? Does changing the colour of litmus paper and making new solutions from different chemicals amazes you? Are you ready to showcase your abilities and skills in your favourite college? Do you want to make yourself different from others? If the answer is yes, then BINGO! You are at the right place.

What is SAT Subject Tests—Chemistry?

Chemistry as the SAT subject test measures your understanding of concepts that you had studied during high school and by performing experiments in the lab. It also checks out the basic principles and theories which you had studied. Chemistry as the SAT subject test will polish your skills and expertise; if you want to take science or engineering; then a chemistry subject test is a good option.

 Is there chemistry on the SAT?

There are a total of 20 different SAT subjects available and they fall into five main categories including History, Mathematics, Languages, Science, and English. Chemistry comes under the science category and it is present on the SAT.

Format and Scoring in Chemistry Subject Test?

  • The duration of the chemistry subject test is of 60 minutes and it consists of 85 multiple choice question answers.
  • Five different options are given and you have to choose the best one.
  • For every correct option, you will get 1 mark, for every wrong option you will lose ¼ marks, no marks are deducted for the blank questions.
  • The first 23 questions are based on “Classification Questions.”
  • The next 15 questions are based on “Relationship Analysis.”

Is the SAT Chemistry Subject Test hard?

Yes, the difficulty level is quite challenging in the Chemistry subject test. The test covers a broader range of topics including theories, equations and numerical problems; if you have taken an AP course as a chemistry subject test; then the test won’t be that much difficult.

Yes, the true-false section is quite tricky but the difficulty level is just based on the concepts which you had studied during your one-year college preparatory course; one year in algebra and some experience in the laboratory.

Difference between SAT Chemistry Test and AP Chemistry Test

The major difference between the two levels is that:

  1. AP Chemistry test will analyze you based on the concepts you applied to chemistry; like to generate answers based on the data tables, sample reactions and different experimental scenarios.
  2. SAT Chemistry test will analyze you based on the questions that will demonstrate basic legitimate recall; like which ion is suitable for which chemical compound and on different statements about chemical properties, chemical reactions, etc.
  3. AP Chemistry test takes things to an advanced level, it’s easy to get good marks in AP chemistry test than SAT chemistry test, but AP test requires a lot of practice and hard work; it covers more topics as compare to SAT chemistry test.

What is covered in the SAT Chemistry test?

The following topics are covered in the SAT Chemistry test:-

  1. Structure of matter-25%.
  2. States of matter-16%.
  3. Types of reactions-14%.
  4. Stoichiometry-14%.
  5. Thermochemistry-6%.
  6. Equilibrium and Rates of Reactions-5%.
  7. Descriptive Chemistry-12%.

What is a good SAT Chemistry Test score?

The score range lies from 200-800. The score 740-770 is good; but above 780 marks will mark you outstanding than others.

How do you get 800 on SAT chemistry?

  • Tear out the periodic table; it will save time and probably reduces the chances of confusion as well.
  • Draw all the arrows showing trends such as electronegativity, ionization energy, molecule size, at the beginning of the test.
  • Try to choose the best possible answer first.
  • Figure out your weakness and work on it.
  • Only hard work and practice makes you strong and helps you get good marks.
  • Practice all the past papers and prep books available on the internet and from different resources; solve all the material available on the College Board website.
  • Always learn under pressure, give yourself deadlines and try to solve many questions as possible.

Are calculators allowed for the SAT Chemistry test?

No, the use of a calculator is prohibited. Students are only provided with a periodic table along with the test booklet.

What is to memorize for the SAT Chemistry Test?

  1. All acids and bases strength and their colors.
  2. Oxidations numbers of Polyatomic Ions.
  3. Colors of PH indicators like litmus or phenolphthalein in an acid or base.
  4. Elements and their abbreviations.
  5. Quick facts about elements that appear a lot.
  6. An overview of gases like nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.

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