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  • Pearson Tests of English PTE

    Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based English exam that accesses your English capabilities. The entire exam format comprises four sections; the first being Speaking, second being Writing, third is Listening and fourth is Writing. There are three types of PTE test: 1. PTE General 2. PTE Academic 3. PTE Young Learners The most important of all three is the PTE Academic. This is the test generally referred to PTE test. The entire exam takes about two and a half hours to complete. It may stretch to 3 hours as well. Let’s tale a look at the first section that is speaking. There are five different sorts of tasks in this section

  • SAT Subject Test Mathematics Level 2

    Do you have any questions in your mind related to the SAT Math level 2? Are you looking for information related to Math level 2? Do you want to know the differences between Math level 1 and 2? Are you getting worried about how to prepare for the SAT Math level 2 and what are the topics covered in the SAT math level 2, if your answer is, yes, then this is the right platform. What is the SAT Math Level 2? If you are interested in mathematics and want to polish your skills and expertise; make yourself different from others and get more chances to take admission in your favorite college, then you should prepare for the SAT Mathematics test as the SAT subject test....

  • TOEFL – Vocabulary

    A good grasp on grammar and vocabulary always comes in useful for the TOEFL exam. Not only it helps you in everyday life with your general interaction with people, but it also helps in the speaking and writing part of your TOEFL exam. Start initially by looking up the basic English sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and root words. Grow your vocabulary by reading and extracting new words. Try to use those new words in routine sentences to build your vocabulary. You can also enroll in language games and download apps related to the English language for improving your grammar and vocabulary.......

  • SAT Subject Tests – Physics

    The Physics Subject test will evaluate yourself, based on the concepts which you have studied during your college preparatory level; it will also test the knowledge based on the reasoning and the problem-solving skills which you have acquired from the lab experience. If science is your favorite subject and you want to enroll yourself in math or science-based programs; like engineering, technology, science, and math; then Physics as the SAT Subject test will provide you; a great chance to take admission in your favorite college; Physics as the SAT will also help you to accelerate your skills and expertise in the science field. .....Read more

  • IELTS Vocabulary

    Do you feel that you need to expand your vocabulary before you take IELTS? You will find it hard to speak and write in English if your vocabulary is limited.…