Cambridge English Test

Cambridge English test is a Cambridge exam and it tests the advanced level of English.

So, who takes this test? Well, this is a test that people choose to take because they want to go to a university in an English-speaking country or you may want to do a course at a university. It may also just simply be taken because it is part of your visa requirement. Sometimes people just take it because they want to have it mentioned in their profile. Not many people do that by the way.

There are five parts in the test:

  1. Reading’
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking
  5. Use of English

The first four parts seem obvious as they are part of other tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE but ‘Use of English’ is something new in the Cambridge Test. This is a vocabulary and grammar combined test that tests how well you do with your grammar and vocabulary. From 2015 onwards, reading test and Use of English come together

  1. Reading + Use of English
  2. Writing
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

This test is a secure English test which means you have to do it at a centre, where you have to prove your identity. It is a well-respected test as it is s formal test. The results you get are trusted and you can use it to enter any university.

What is the Cambridge English Scale?

Cambridge English Scale is a range of scores used to report results for the Cambridge English Examination. You may be familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). This provides a clear objective score on English Language ability.

What is the Cambridge English?

As mentioned above it has five parts. Now, we will look at each of them one by one.

The Reading test is one hour and fifteen minutes test. There are four parts which make up 20% of your total marks. You will be expected to read 3000 words. It could be a variety of texts that you would be supposed to read. It could be fiction, non-fiction, newspaper articles or any other text. You can be expected to get the gist or be reading for detail focusing on a specific part of the text. When you will be answering the questions, it could come in the form of multiple-choice questions or it could be a cloze gap test. It also tests how well you grasp the tone and opinion of the text so it’s not just the literal meaning. Moreover, you are supposed to get the main idea of the text.

Use of English looks at your grammar and vocabulary in detail You have a one-hour test in which there are five parts. This is also 20% of your total test marks. The questions you will get in this part of the test will be multiple-choice, gap fill, word formation thus testing the ability to change an adjective to an adverb or things like that.

The Writing part is 1 hour and 30 mins test which has 2 parts. It also comprises 20% of the total test. Question 1 is compulsory where you will have to read an extract of 150 words and you will be expected to write a report, a letter or a proposal in 180-220 words. You need to prepare well for this part. In part 2 you will have a choice; there are 4 questions. In question number 1 you will have to read an extract of 80 words and then compose an article or a report or an essay, so it could be some sort of writing like the one done for the first part. The other part is more like the one you get to do in your school and college where you have a literary passage to read and you are supposed to answer a set of questions given at the end.

In the Listening test, you will have to listen to a variety of texts in a British accent. It could be monologues, announcements, interviews, speeches or lectures. This would be coming in 4 parts and then questions related to it can be multiple choice questions, match the columns, complete the sentences and such type of questions.

The Speaking test has four parts and forms 20% of the overall weightage of the exam. It is up to 15 mins long and it is you and the examiner with a partner who you don’t choose yourself. Part 1 is an interview where you will give your opinions. Part 2 you will have speak for one minute. You will get something visual to speak on. Part 3 is you and your partner who have to interact with each other and propose a solution or reach a decision together. In Part 4 there is a discussion all together.

You can do this test on paper or computer. You have a choice. The proficiency you will have can be intermediate or high, depending on your calibre and performance. They don’t have any expiry date and are valid forever and anyone who wants to take this test may take it.

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